Coral Tana Necklace


This beautiful coral coloured necklace is made from high quality glass seed beads.

It was designed by Friscobaye but handmade in Kenya because that’s where the best bead work is created.

The Tana Necklaces make a statement on their own or can be beautifully layered amongst themselves to create beauty.

The Tana collection is handmade in Kenya, named after the 1,000 kilometres long Tana river in Kenya.

Every single necklace is made to be unique, because that’s what we value in everyone - difference.

As pictured, the necklace is available in two sizes - 14" and 16". The 14" is the original length whilst the 16" is slightly longer which is ideal for those who prefer longer necklaces and want to layer them! As Photographed: 14" is the shorter one, and 16" is longer.

The Necklaces are both lightweight and have an easy to use closure.

NB: Sizes are approximate.