Colourful Name Bracelets


The Colourful Name Bracelets make amazing presents for everyone and look great stacked up amongst our many other bracelets.

The bracelets can have anything written on them as long as the letters are from the English Alphabet. We recommend no more then 7 letters on a bracelet.

The style names are listed from the top of the picture and down.

They are all handmade to order from glass beads and stretchy cord.

How to personalise each bracelet:

Step 1- Choose the colour style name.

Step 2- Choose the size for the bracelet.

Step 3- Choose if you would like an evil eye bead or not.

Step 4. Repeat the steps for each bracelet you are ordering.

Step 5. When you are at checkout, put in the 'notes at checkout' section, the name of the bracelet design, the style, size and text. EG. if it's from the Colourful group, name is Emily, size is 7" and style is blue and gold, you should write: "colourful name bracelet’, 7" size, style is “blue and gold” and text is EMILY"